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Laurie Seidler is the Founding Editor of VerbSap and a former Reporter, Editor, and Bureau Chief for Dow Jones & Co. Her reporting has appeared in in The Wall Street Journal and other newspapers in the U.S. and abroad. She has edited Congressional testimony, stock market reports, books, plays, press releases, grant proposals, and various other forms of prose. Her short stories have been published in an assortment of literary journals and her column, "The Editor's Notebook," is available at VerbSap. She is a graduate of Yale University and is completing an MFA in writing at California College of the Arts. She lives in San Jose with her husband and son.


Selected Clips
"The Atlas of Our Bodies,"StoryGlossia.
"The Clay Man," Toasted Cheese Literary Magazine.
"In Dark Ice," In Posse Review
"Floating Inside," Hobart.

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