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In the Art Gallery
Brides Of Frankenstein


Katherine Wetzel, Pupil: Pose 8 (sculpture by Elizabeth King, 1997.
Silver gelatin print, AP 2/4.
Courtesy of the artists and Kent Gallery, New York City.



Kirsten Geisler, Dream of Beauty 4.0, 2004.
Computer-animated DVD installation, DVD
[continuous loop], LCD screen, DVD Player.
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin.



Heidi Kumao, Protest, 2004.
Sculpture: Aluminum, girl's shoes, motors, custom electronics.
24h x 18w x 18d inches
Courtesy of the artist.

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An array of synthetic creatures will be on display at the San Jose Museum of Art's presentation of Brides of Frankenstein, an exhibit featuring experimental work by a group of female artists using digital and traditional media. The show, curated by Marcia Tanner, will run July 31 through October 30.

"As metaphorical consorts of Mary Shelley's fictional and archetypal scientist, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, [the artists] engender lifelike creatures," the museum's preface to the exhibit notes.

The creatures are hybrid forms that mingle organic and inorganic elements. "They exemplify the world we live in now, where contemporary digital, medical, and biological technologies...are dissolving age-old distinctions between what's alive and what's not, what's conscious and what's not, what's human and what's not."

The artists featured include: Andrea Ackerman, Peggy Ahwesh, Erzsebet Baerveldt, Kirsten Geisler, Elizabeth King, Heidi Kumao, Kristin Lucas, Amy Myers, Patricia Piccinini, Sabrina Raaf, Tamara Stone, Camille Utterback, Katherine Wetzel, Gail Wight, and Adrianne Wortzel.

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