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It's difficult to view the images crafted by Dawn Allynn without having an emotional response. The New Mexico-based photographer has the ability to inject the most mundane surfaces with unexpected meaning. In Agony, layers of mud transform the smooth planes of a face into a painful mask. In Gentle Night, paint morphs the photographer's own visage into an otherworldly creature almost erotic in its concentration.

"I find beauty in shadows and textures...and unexpected combinations," she says.

Allynn, 40, grew up in New Mexico, but has lived all over the U.S. and in Sicily. "Sicily had a huge impact on my sense of drama," she told VerbSap.

Allynn does considerable landscape photography, inspired by her surroundings, but also terms herself "obsessed" with painting faces and with portraiture. She's working on an ongoing series of body and face paintings, and on a digital art project that involves mixing art and photography to create fantasy characters.

More samples of her work are available at her site.


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